Our Legacy

  • Where We Started

    After 75 years of home décor excellence, we stepped into the bathrooms industry in 2014 with the acquisition of EssEss Fittings, a company that has existed for over 3 decades and was famous for its quality. With the technical expertise of Essess and the business understanding of Asian Paints we started with our new home décor journey.

  • Where We Are

    Our portfolio consists of an entire spectrum of bathroom products: faucets, showers, sanitaryware, vanities, accessories and more. We have come up with innovative products and features: all designed with you in mind. In 2016, we entered the premium range of bath fittings with “AP Royale”, a range meant for an unmatched luxurious experience. We also have kitchen sinks as part of our portfolio.

  • Where We Are Going

    We are amidst a swift transition towards more innovative and intuitive products. We will continue to innovate and design products that are best-in-class. We also aim to provide products that are good for you and for the world, with our green building certifications a step in that direction. We will be offering more exciting and premium products to fulfil your needs and add a touch of elegance to your spaces.

Our Values

The Asian Paints Bath experience is built on extraordinary design, is powered by flawless functionality and is driven by reliable customer service. Created with the philosophy that the bathroom is the most important part of a home, Asian Paints bath products are crafted to create a stunning statement based on efficient functionality. Style and simplicity combine to create a bathroom sensation that is as beautiful as it is long-lasting.