Build on the foundation of India's largest paints company, Bathsense is an extension of the legacy to the world of bathrooms. We have created exceptional products across a range of categories to fulfill all your bathroom needs.

Faucets & Fittings Beautiful, ergonomically engineered styles. Our Collections
Showering Systems Innovative designs with multiple flow options. Our Collections
Sanware & Flushing Designed for comfort, hygiene and durability. Our Collections
Vanities Perfect companion for your bathroom storage needs. Our Collections
Kitchen Sinks & Faucets Luxurious combinations for beautiful kitchens. Our Collections
Bathroom Essentials World-class components, with a high-performance warranty, to choose from. Our Collections

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Our various brands are designed to cater to a variety of requirements.

Luxurious bathroom concepts that bow before you


Royale is for those who like to be treated no less than royalty. Luxurious in the true sense of the word, these bathrooms usher you in with their exquisitely crafted designs, giving you a bathroom experience that’s a class apart.


Products that elevate your bathing experience


Characterised by its expert craftsmanship and a range of cutting-edge products, Bathsense promises to cater to every quirk that runs in the family. Bathsense by Asian Paints brings to you a distinct range of bath products, designed with the understanding that every family member is unique.


Our offerings include Bathsense Canvas and our bathroom design service Bathsense Bespoke


Products that are built to last: reliable and durable


Ess Ess by Asian Paints is a whole new world of bathroom fittings and accessories, created with the idea of providing affordable and elegant bath experiences. Characterized by strong, durable, and reliable bath products, Ess Ess aims to offer long-lasting functionality and convenience every step of the way.


Why Choose Us?

Built on the foundation of Asia’s Second largest paint company, Bathsense is an extension of the pedigree to the world of bathrooms.

Superior Showering Experience
High Durability
Reliability & Peace of Mind
Modern, Contemporary Designs

Bathrooms filled with Stories

“The execution and the final product was really good. When you finally see the output of what was delivered by Bathsense, it was really nice. The workmanship was really good.” Mr. Shantanu Pusalkar Mahalaxmi - Mumbai
"I was so happy when I got the bathrooms ready on the date that they had promised. This was possible only due to the engineers' constant supervision, superb team work and the choice of contractors hired." Dr. K.S.M Shareef Trivandrum
"I really wanted my bathroom to look a specific way. The Bathsense Bepoke team diligently incorporated my feedback into their master design plan. My bathroom now looks even better than I had imagined." Mr. Nabeel Farookie Chennai
"I was facing a lot of challenges with my bathroom. The Bathsense Bespoke team patiently solved all those problems with their complete & efficient bathroom renovation services. I am absolutely happy with their excellent designs, quality products and overall work." Smt. Narayani Kochi
"I was looking for a hassle-free bathroom renovation experience and was more than satisfied with Bathsense Bespoke's super coordinated team, commendable design expertise and smooth-sailing execution." Mr. TS Kuttan Coimbatore city
"The products and accessories they used in my bathroom were of top-notch quality. Their coordination and overall execution was commendable. I would definitely recommend Bathsense Bespoke to everyone." Mr. Sabu Philip Kochi
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